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Albania, Vlora

In a new inspiring environment, among passionate people, and with the help of our program, which is specially designed for you, you can increase your productivity several times and regain your motivation for work and development of your projects!

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What is all about?

We bring together a community of like-minded remote workers to one inspiring place for 14 days to give them a chance to work and explore the world at the same time.

Combining work and travel is not our invention, it is a lifestyle that has existed for a long time. People who adhere to it are called the digital nomads. There are already a lot of digital nomads living and working in different parts of the world, but they often faced troubles: visa restrictions, language barriers and cultural characteristics of another country, difficulties with health insurance and paying taxes, and, of course, loneliness in a new place. We know how to solve these problems.

RemoteCamp is a house in a wonderful location with all accommodations to live and work. We carefully chose everything you need and create comfortable working conditions and the opportunity to relax in the way you want.

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Albania, Tirana

June 14 - June 28

Morocco, Fes


Croatia, Split


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Ann, designer

I was a participant in the first camp in Turkey, and I want to share my impressions here ✨ This trip became a retreat for me, the people who came to the camp with me turned out to be interesting and really cool 😍 There were problems with the Internet on the first day, but they were quickly resolved. These two weeks of working side by side with enthusiastic people have been a good life experience and I would love to go with Remotecamp on their next journey! 🔥


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