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Albania is an unexplored Balkan country with breathtaking landscapes, located between Greece and Montenegro. Mountains, Ionian and Adriatic Sea, Berat and Gjirokastra - cities on the UNESCO heritage list, and a lot of other monuments of its thousand-year history.

About Albania

From the stunning beaches of the Albanian Riviera to gorgeous archaeological sites, Albania will not disappoint you.

The Albanian Riviera is, with the capital city Tirana, the most popular place in the country. The reason is that it is just amazing: long sandy and pebble beaches lapped by turquoise water, and lovely coastal hamlets with small Orthodox churches, cobblestoned streets and flowers everywhere.

One of the most stunning destinations in Albania is Gjirokastër. This town is located in the south of the country and, for its unique Ottoman architecture, has been included in the heritage sites by UNESCO.

One of the best reasons why everyone should include Albania in his or her bucket list’s places to see is the food. Albanian gastronomy is excellent, fresh and tasty. You can eat gorgeous dishes in the fanciest restaurants as well as amazing street foods.

The most famous food in Albania is byrek, a tasty salty pie made with filo pastry. Speça me gjize is one of the most colorful and tasty foods of the country, made with yellow, orange, green and red peppers stuffed with rice, cottage cheese and spices before being baked in the oven. It is a healthy choice and a great vegetarian dish too (Albanian gastronomy has plenty of veggie options, as you can see).

If you rent a car or motorcycle, you can ride along the coast and see picturesque beaches in the rocks, pomegranate and olive groves; or drive higher into the mountains and find apple orchards on the plateau, and even higher - non-melting snow caps. You can go out to sea on a yacht and catch several colorful fish, or go under the water and look at the ocean world from the inside.

The people in Albania are incredibly kind and friendly, and the prices will delight you. Step away from the busy tourist spots and you'll find a distinctively blended Europe and Asia in the same stunning country.



June 14 — June 28

The weather in Albania becomes more comfortable in June. The average daytime temperature throughout the country in June is +26°C, and at night it rarely drops less than +16°C. June is the best time to visit Vlorë, with her pleasant warm evenings.

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Our villa has a quiet workplace and an open-space for activities.

Your workspace will be comfortable, with a good chair and desk. There will be enough sockets for everyone.

We have double and single rooms, relaxation room with a billiard table, a corner with a coffee machine, cookies and fruit that will always be available and never run out.

There are shops, cafes and everything you might need near the camp.

Remoteness from major roads, will provide us with clean mountain air, which will heal your body.


In a new inspiring environment, among passionate people, and with the help of our program, which is specially designed for you, you can increase your productivity several times and regain your motivation for work and development of your projects!

Our scrum master will help you with your goals, and additional events will help you to develop yourself in new interesting areas! There will be workshops, brainstorms and sharing of experience from participants, who are specialists in different fields of activities.

We will finalize a detailed daily schedule after we have interviews with each participant and understand your interests and ideas. At the same time, the program always remains flexible, participants can contribute and offer their event(s) for an evening Networking, workshops, immersive language learning envioronment, outdoor activities, reboot and inspiration.

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We always have an idea for evening event. We can arrange a party and pool, wine tasting or a joint trip to the nearby ancient city on scooters. We will have a list of what we can offer, but each participant is able to offer their own ideas, and we will plan them together!

It's always fun to do something together. You can easily find your company among the community for windsurfing, fishing, jogging and anything else.

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$500 / double room
  • ⚫   Networking
  • ⚫   Workshops
  • ⚫   Outdoor activities
  • ⚫   Reboot and inspiration
  • ⚫   Immersive language learning envioronment
$700 / single room
  • ⚫   Networking
  • ⚫   Workshops
  • ⚫   Outdoor activities
  • ⚫   Reboot and inspiration
  • ⚫   Immersive language learning envioronment
  • 🔵   Individual room

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your payment includes the rent of the villa with all the accommodations (your bed in private or double room and your workspace, the pool, etc.), payment for the Internet, fruits, tea and coffee. Also payment includes lectures, workshops, local entrepreneur meetings and all the joint activities that will take place on our villa.

Usually you buy plane tickets by yourself, but our team can help you with the choice, as well as provide great deals from our partners. Additional events and trips are paid by the participants on their own at will. Meals are also not included in the price and are organized either by each independently or jointly

If you work remotely, want to travel, love nature, strive to make new friends, increase your productivity and learn new things - the answer is definitely YES!

We are experienced remote workers and digital nomads who are ready to share our experience and teach you how to work from any part of the world, find work-live balance and not delay getting impressions on vacation.

For the period of coronavirus, we choose open countries for camps. Some of them may require a visa or coronavirus test, which we will inform you about in advance. Each country has its own restrictive measures, we will inform the participants about them and we will follow them.

Depending on the selected rate, you will live in a single or double room

The price includes tea, coffee and fruit. Each participant organizes meals independently, or we agree on joint breakfasts / lunches / dinners.

You can see the details at this link. It is necessary to choose the date of arrival and the country, go through an interview, make an advance payment. Then you meet up with your future team, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!


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