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We organize camps all over the world. A lot of destinations are closed right now because of pandemics, but there are still a lot of open cool locations you may not know about!

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Albania, Tirana

June 14 - June 28

Morocco, Fes


Croatia, Split


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We have 14-days programs, the camp the camps locations are flexible, so you can select the most suitable country and date. Worry-free, all the places would be cool and inspiring! If you want to offer some places you want to visit, just contact us!

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Antony Minkowski
Lena Bulgakova

We will have a phone conversation with you to learn more about your journey and we want to make sure we share common values. We will ask you about your job, life experience and communication features to be sure that you will feel comfortable in our community and to provide you the best conditions.

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After the conversation we will make a list of conditions and activities which we can offer you. The list will be based on your preferences and life experience, and you can chose the points you are interested in. If you need your private room or personal workspace, you can ask us what is the more suitable for you.

If you are interested in some special activities according to the location, you can tell us and we will try to find the ways to organize them too. It can be meetengs with local enterpreneurs, local language lessons or yoga classes on sunsets. Based on the preferences of all participants, we will draw up a program that will be interesting for your self-development!

To reserve your place you should make a payment of 30% of the total camp cost.

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We will have a joint call, allowing you to get to know the people you will see at the camp in advance. You will meet like-minded interesting people from different fields of activity, IT specialists, managers, programmers, designers, and other remote workers! We will share experiences, resources, information, and advices with each other.

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We have optional start dates every two weeks throughout our trips. Join us for two week intervals up to the full length of the trip, or chain together multiple trips in a row. We have optional start dates every two weeks throughout our trips.

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If travel safety regulations change and we are no longer able to operate the program on the scheduled start date, we will offer a refund or the option to reschedule.We understand that personal plans may change, so we are waiving change fees up to 60 days before the program starts. If you need help with a payment plan or financing, please reach out to our team for options.

Deal Price
Total price of program $850
Down payment (due at booking) $750
Program payment (due 6 weeks before program) $700


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